Interesting Webcasts…

Do check out the archived webcast of a meeting of minds last week to consider governance options for synthetic biology and information technology:

This meeting paired policy wonks with science fiction writers – an interesting experiment. For expansive thinking, SF writers beat policy wonks, hands down. My favorites: Rob Sawyer and Neil Stephenson.

See my tweets @lbillin (Feb. 3-4).


Also online – archived Webcast of a symposium I organized for NASA to mark the 50th anniversary of its exobiology/astrobiology program:

Since I invited all of the speakers, I can’t say I have any favorites, but do check out James Lovelock’s opening talk (he’s 91!), and, former NASA Administrator Dan Goldin’s sometimes-hilarious lunchtime address. And don’t miss the thought-provoking Panel 3 (moderated by moi), “Who are we? Where are we going? Are we alone? Astrobiology in culture.”


Aaannd…there’s the video record of the Space Studies Board’s November 2010 workshop, “Sharing the Adventure with the Public: The Value and Excitement of ‘Grand Questions’ of Space Science and Exploration”:

For Doctor Linda’s five cents worth on the topic, see Session 7.

Other highlights:

Exoplanet researcher Sara Seager’s fascinating talk in Session 3, Berrien Moore’s impassioned plea for understanding about climate change (Session 5), SF writer Kim Stanley Robinson’s musings about human futures in space (Session 6), and my friend Andrew Lawler’s journalism tutorial for scientists.


More later!


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